Chinese Video Lessons – Unit 2

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Unit 2 – Watch Video Lessons

Our free Chinese video lessons for you to learn Mandarin Chinese in a new, exciting way!


01 – Lesson – 吃 – eat


吃吃吃 on the train


02 – Lesson – 喝 – drink


03 – Lesson – 玩 – play


玩 in Wonderland

Unit 2 – Read Up

Read Ups are picture books that will drive what you’ve learned in the videos deep into your memory. Each Read-Up contains Mandarin sentences, and when you read these sentences, you would be amazed by the fact that you’re actually reading and understanding Mandarin! On the next pages, we have put the English translations below in Mandarin character so you can confirm what you’ve read and understood is correct!

Unit 2 – Quiz Up

Each Quiz-Up contains a multiple-choice question. Make your decision carefully before selecting your answer. After your answer is selected, your score will be logged. Each question is worth 1 point.

To access the quiz up, please go to our app.

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